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Guilford Wrestling

Guilford vs Cheshire 06

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Wednesday, Guilford was Snowed Out....But we came back with a vengeance to Cheshire on Monday!


Lambo's bustin' the half...keeping it real in the house that Guilford Wrestling built-


"B" breaking his opponent down...yeah-


 Brandon turns him...and then proves not only can you scoop icecream...but you can scoop a head for a pin!


"B" brings it home for Guilford.  Nice job Sundwall!


Alex dominated his opponent,  even though it looked more like he was riding a "bucking bronco!"  But Alex stayed the course and got the win!
You only fail if you don't learn from your mistakes!

 Here Xan tries out a new move invented by Garrett during the Rham/Hebron's called the "Linske Reverse Scissor Stack!"


The thing about the Linske Reverse Scissor Stack never know when to use it...or even how to use it!!!


 But some things in wrestling are just meant to be a mystery... 


Apparently no mystery here...Xan pins his opponent.  Xan's the man...Daz right-


Rock a bye baby,
Left'y on top.
It looks like a cradle,
And Lefty won't stop!


And there he goes...Lefty's put that boy to sleep!


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