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Guilford Wrestling

Guilford vs New Haven
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We stepped into our Wrestling Boots for a 48-24 Victory against New Haven.


Time after time we got the job done with impressive pride on the mat.  And here's the DL...


Here is the "Grill Plate Special" (sorry Travis...sometimes I just gotta go with the obvious name hook!)


It's at a buck 25...and lookie here...That Blue Plate Special looks painful!  Um... stick a fork in him, he's done.


It's Li on JV.  He's busti'n out a pin...Yeah Boy!



Li's got that cradle locked and loaded...Nighty night New Haven!

Schmitt fills some impressive JV wrestling kicks at 171 lbs.


He takes down his opponent, but wrestles smart and keeps him in bounds...


Now Schmitty starts to apply pressure.


But as Mike demonstrates, pressure doesn't mean a thing if you don't lift the head!


And so my friends, the pin is inevitable...Great job Schmitt!


Remember Senior Night is next Wednesday, February 1st at 6:30pm.  It's our last Home Match of the season(vs Hand).  Please come out to support our Senior boys on the team!