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Guilford Wrestling

League Standings

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SCC League Standings For The 2007-2008 Wrestling Season

SCC League Record:
Overall Record: 2-3

Do you know your way around
a wrestling mat?

Here are how individual wrestling matches
are scored out on the mat:
The Referee will indicate points as
they are scored with the fingers
of each hand.)  Each team is either designated
red or green.  The wrestlers ankle bands
match refs wrist band colors to denote
points given in the match.

Take Down -2 points
Escape -1 point
Reversal - 2 points
Near Fall - 2 points
Near Fall (2 point hold for 5 seconds)- 3 points
Illegal Hold, Roughness, or Technical Fouls- 1 point
Unsportsmanlike Conduct- 1 team point deducted
Flagrant Misconduct- disqualify and 1 team point deducted

Team Point Scoring:
Pin- 6 team points
Decision- 3, 4, or 5 points
Forfeit- 6 team points


Yeah Boy...Sometimes wrestling
is a "reversal" of fortune! 


There's Nothing Like A Wrestler
He stands alone, one on one with his opponent.
He's a wrestler!
And he will learn to defeat or be defeated.
He will learn to put self-discipline ahead of desire;
To draw courage from within;
To remember the mind tires before the body
and to push the limits.
He will discount the negative remarks and
uninterested ears.
He will learn to listen to authority and comply;
To take a loss as a learning experience;
To spend hours to prepare himself to
be physically ready and mentally sharp.
He will learn to nurture the body God has given him
and treat it with respect;
To cope with anxiety and fears and turn them
into positives;
To respect others for their beliefs, capabilities,
and capacities;
To have a healthy respect for the
spirit of competition.
He will work alone and yet be part of a team.
He will come to have a belief in his own self-worth.
The beauty of his character and his spirit
will rise up;
The passion of his courage will come into view;
And he will become a man.